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M's Jewels is a line of jewelry designed by Monica Williams. I am the owner of Grandmas's Top Drawer. Each of my pieces is made with care and is guaranteed. I welcome orders for custom designs for your jewelry needs. Many of the designs on this page can be created in other colors if desired. Please email me for details concerning custom work. Any pair of earrings can be converted to clip if necessary. Feel free to email me with any questions. May all your days be bejeweled!


Lilac Butterfly Earrings
Lilac Butterfly Earrings

These lovely butterflies have fluttered back to their garden. These two are a lovely shade of pale lilac with gold veining and are accented with cream faceted pearls and matching lilac crystals. A delightfully delicate combination.
Dimensions: just over 1" long
MJ083 Price: $9.00

The Wild Irish Rose Earrings
"The Wild Irish Rose" Earrings

What color would be more fitting for Ireland than green? These lovely silvertone roses are accented with green crystals and green faceted pearlized beads. So, how green does your garden grow? Best not wear these in the garden, your other flowers might get jealous.
Dimensions: 1 1/2"
MJ084 Price: $10.00

 Fairy Wing Butterfly Earrings
"Fairy Wing" Butterfly Earrings

I always thought of fairies as having delicate wings, a soft pale white shimmering with colors. The beautiful butterfly beads are that same soft pale white with a shimmering AB finish. The beads are matte finished, which gives them a more frosted look. They are accented with sparkling AB spacers, AB rhinestone spacers and white faceted pearl beads. These will make anyone feel like a fairy princess.
Dimensions: just over 1" long
MJ085 Price: $10.00

Blue Velvet Earrings
"Blue Velvet" Earrings

You see her, standing holding a martini, a stunning steel blue velvet dress swirls gracefully around her, her hair is upswept to reveal the curve of neck and the earrings, droplets of blue to match her dress, the swing gracefully with each turn of her head. Now you can capture that allure in these stunning blue velvet earrings. Become the lady of mystery with the great earrings of steel blue(a deep blue with a touch of grey), clear crystal spacers, and clear rhinestone spacers. A trio of two faceted and one "baroque" glass pearls hangs down seductively inviting oohs and ahs and "where did you find those?". In a word, stunning.
Dimensions: 2" of pure magic
MJ086 Price: $15.00

Green Glory Earrings
"Green Glory" Earrings

If you like to make the scene in green, these earrings are perfect for you. They feature green glass pearls in a lovely pale peridot green and a deep mossy green. The earrings are a trio of dangles designed to swing gently as you walk. Who needs a green thumb when you can have green ears? These look ever so much better(and no dirt under your fingernails either).
Dimensions: 1 1/4" long
MJ087 Price: $7.00

Lillypad Earrings
"Lillypad" Earrings

These flat disc shaped beads always remind me of lilly pads with their pretty pink flowers that bloom. These beads are a lovely cream color with matching vintage cream pearls and emerald green crystals to match the green leaves. They float gracefully on you as lillypads on a pond.
Dimensions: 1" long
MJ088 Price: $9.00

Melinda Teal Pearl, Turquoise, and White Square Pearl Bracelet and Earring Set
"Melinda" Teal Pearl, Turquoise, and White Square Pearl Bracelet and Earring Set

This lovely set features a mixture of teal pearls, turquoise rondells, and white square freshwater pearls. The design features a repeating pattern of a square pearl with turquoise accents beads, linked to a station with two turquoise rondells around one teal faceted pearl. The colors are rich and wonderful. The teal pearls are an almost perfect match for the turquoise. The earrings are designed to coordinate exactly with the bracelet and feature identical stones. The bracelet has a toggle clasp. The earrings are a dangle style with a french wire ear hook. This bracelet is simple and stylish and won't weigh you down.
Dimensions: bracelet: just under 8"-can be custom altered for length-please
email for details
earrings: just under 1 1/2"
MJ090 Price: $38.00

Triple Threat  Blue Quartz, Onyx and Turquoise Earrings
"Triple Threat" Blue Quartz, Onyx and Turquoise Earrings

This enchanting earrings feature a combination of faceted blue quartz ovals, black onyx rondells, and turquoise rondells. The earrings are a linked dangle style with the blue quartz and the black onyx, and the turquoise is the topper. Each design element is accented with floral sterling silver rondells. All findings are sterling silver. These earrings hang gracefully when worn.
Dimensions: 1 3/4"
MJ092 Price: $14.00

Garnet Cascade Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings with Graduated Garnet Drops
"Garnet Cascade" Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings with Graduated Garnet Drops

These splendid earrings feature 5 cascades of garnet rondells linked together. Each strand of garnet gets shorter as it moves away from the center of the hoop earring. These are so chic and graceful. Long dangling, chandelier style earrings are very hip! The garnets are a warm rich garnet color that has a hint of pink to it. They do show up as garnet, and not black as some darker garnets appear. They are truly gorgeous, one of my favorite designs!
Dimensions: just under 3" total length
MJ094 Price: $34.00

Dusk Dreams Grey Pearl and Sterling Silver Floral Spacer Bead Necklace
"Dusk Dreams" Grey Pearl and Sterling Silver Floral Spacer Bead Necklace

This coolly elegant necklace features grey pearls, they reflect the colors of dusk, the smoky greys, hint of pink, hint of green, some soft purple, even blue. Accenting this lovely pearls are rows of sterling silver floral spacer beads, each is stacked on top of one another to form what looks like a single beads separating each glowing pearl. The pearls are surrounded on each side by square sterling silver beads to show off their beauty. This necklace is cool, classic, and looks wonderful on anyone.
Dimensions: 16" long (can be lengthened, but addition charges will apply)
MJ096 Price: $44.00

Black Tie Onyx and Mother of Pearl Earrings
"Black Tie" Onyx and Mother of Pearl Earrings

These elegant earrings feature mother of pearl discs accented with black onyx rondells and a black onyx faceted bead. Accented the beads are sterling silver flower spacers which add a touch of polish. All the findings used on these earrings are sterling silver. These earrings hang gracefully and always look cool and elegant.
Dimensions: 1 1/2" long
MJ097 Price: $15.00

Tango Red Coral and Black Faceted Onyx Earrings
"Tango" Red Coral and Black Faceted Onyx Earrings

Can't you just see these earrings as they swing and sway as you dance the night away with a dark and handsome man? They can look just as cool with jeans and black tee shirt as you are running your errands. These earrings combine polished disks of brilliant red coral with a faceted black onyx round bead and then add a dash of sterling silver spacers to finish them off, like bread on a sandwich! All findings are sterling silver. These earrings are pierced, but can be converted to clip. Add a little spice to your day!
Dimensions: 1/2" long
MJ099 Price: $8.00

Sud-Ouest  Dreams Earrings
"Sud-Ouest" Dreams Earrings

Everything sounds better in French doesn't it? Not just SouthWest, but "Sud-Ouest". These brilliant earrings combine some of the most popular shades featuring larger size nuggets of brilliant brown/orange carnelian, bright turquoise accented, and shimmering yellow citrine. Silver spacer beads do their part to unite the design. These earrings are pierced, but can be converted to clip-ons.
Dimensions: 1 1/2" long
MJ100 Price: $10.00

Pretty Tasty Smoky Quartz and Brown Freshwater Pearl Double Drop Earrings
"Pretty Tasty" Smoky Quartz and Brown Freshwater Pearl Double Drop Earrings

Sometimes being subtle is sexier than anything else. Forget low cut blouses and jeans that are slung so low sitting down can be quite revealing. Wear something that when you tilt your head light the shimmers upon drops of smoky quartz and highlights the soft glint of freshwater pearls. It just might make someone want to nibble on your neck and say "pretty tasty", just make sure they don't have suspiciously pointy canines. Soft, subtle, and elegant, what more do you need.
Dimensions: 1 1/2"
MJ102 Price: $12.00

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