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M's Jewels is a line of jewelry designed by Monica Williams. I am the owner of Grandmas's Top Drawer. Each of my pieces is made with care and is guaranteed. I welcome orders for custom designs for your jewelry needs. Many of the designs on this page can be created in other colors if desired. Please email me for details concerning custom work. Any pair of earrings can be converted to clip if necessary. Feel free to email me with any questions. May all your days be bejeweled!


Sweetheart Pink Quartz and Rhodocrosite Necklace
"Sweetheart" Pink Quartz and Rhodocrosite Necklace

This necklace features pink quartz beads and deep pink rhodocrosite beads accented with a pink quartz drop for an elegant addition. Each bead has a silver flower spacer. This piece shows the beauty of simplicity. Everyone looks pretty in pink!
Dimensions: 18" long with a 1" drop
MJ060 Price: $35.00

Grand Canyon Necklace
"Grand Canyon" Necklace

The warm rich bronze/brown of the agate, the softly glowing bronze freshwater pearls, and turquoise slices bring to mind the colors of the Grand Canyon. The browns are the stones that rise magnificently, and the turquoise is the sky that overhangs it all! A wonderfully designed necklace that has a more casual air, perfect for shopping trips or running errands around town. A smattering of silver spacers and of course silver findings make a nice addition.
Dimensions: 18" long
MJ062 Price: $32.00

Walk on the Wild Side Necklace
"Walk on the Wild Side" Necklace

Forget those perfectly polished beads, you want something fresh, original, and just a wee bit raw. This necklace features raw turquoise chunks, carnelian nuggets, and funky shaped citrine pieces. A truly great combination. The clasp is a sturdy and dependable sterling silver toggle. There is always room in your bags as you jet-set off to your next adventure for this beauty! Whoever said style and safari do go together?
Dimensions: 18" long
MJ063 Price: $40.00

Greens and Nothing but Greens Drop Necklace
"Greens and Nothing but Greens" Drop Necklace

Mother always said to eat your greens, but now you can wear them. They look so much better this way, in nuggets of smoothly polished Green Aventurine which sparkles with copper colored flecks that swirl across the surface of the stone. The color is deep rich green, deeper than malachite, but not olive. The shiny sterling silver balls and findings reflect the glitter trapped with in the beads. The drop hangs gracefully proving that wearing your greens is far more fun than eating them!
Dimensions: 17" Necklace, drop is 1 1/4"
MJ064 Price: $34.00

Turquoise Seas Necklace
"Turquoise Seas" Necklace

Turquoise is a hot shade, but it always looks so cool. Who wouldn't want to dive into a sea of this wonderful rich color. These mouth watering drops look like the sea created them for someone to wear. The drops are not genuine turquoise, but a quartz that has been dyed this brilliant shade. The faceted teardrops are accented with faceted rounds and sterling silver spacers. Come on dive in!
Dimensions: 17" long plus 1 1/2" drop
MJ065 Price: $50.00

Stormy Weather Necklace Set
"Stormy Weather" Necklace Set

The cool soft grey is the color of the clouds that constantly seem to be in the sky over New York. Let it rain! You have the perfect jewelry to wear sophisticated no matter what the weather. This necklace features faceted labradite, a mostly grey stone that in the right light can flash with blues and even greens. The effect actually can be seen in the scan with one blue flash, like the blue sky peeking through. To set off these magnificent beads are grey pearls and sterling silver spacers and findings. Another one of my personal favorites!
Dimensions: necklace-18" long earrings-1" long
MJ069 Price: $54.00

 Lavender Fields Necklace
"Lavender Fields" Necklace

Rainbow fluorite is one of the coolest stones, it gradates from a rich almost amethyst purple to a wonderful pale mint green and all combinations in between. This necklace features it's full range of beautiful colors with the wonderful purples, and the amazing beads that are have teal/green and the other half purple. The purple blossoms grow out of the green leaves. Bold sterling silver spacers and lavender jade beads make for a polished and pretty look! These stones are a bit bigger and bolder than some of my other designs with nugget stones.
Dimensions: 17" long
MJ070 Price: $42.00

 Amethyst Lozenge  Necklace Set
"Amethyst Lozenge" Necklace Set

These great glass beads always reminded my of lozenges, or in more modern parlance, cough drops. Please don't eat the beads no matter how tasty the look. This great necklace features the above mentioned amethyst Czech glass lozenge beads, black iridescent crystal beads, and pale lavender AB crystals. It was inspired by the old time designs of the 1920s. The clasp is a pretty filigree piece with a vintage look to it. The earrings are shown as pierced, but can be converted to clip or lever backs($1.00 extra).
Dimensions: 16" long necklace, earrings 1" long
MJ071 Price: $22.00

Blue Skies Smiling at me Bracelet
"Blue Skies Smiling at Me" Bracelet

Ever heard the old song "Blue Skies". This beautiful bracelet brings to mind bright blue skies with some beautiful white clouds gently drifting across. Faceted turquoise buttons are accented with white freshwater pearls and small sterling silver accents and findings. A design to please anyone.
Dimensions: 7" long (can be made longer by request for an additional fee)
MJ073 Price: $28.00

The Great Gatsby Bracelet
"The Great Gatsby" Bracelet

This cooly elegant bracelet would fit in perfectly with the chic crowd in the Great Gatsby. It features elegant and unusually shaped faux pearls with rhinestone spacers. Sometimes simpler is chicer!
Dimensions: 7" long
MJ074 Price: $15.00

 Plum Yum Butterfly earrings
"Plum Yum" Butterfly earrings

These wonderful earrings feature pretty plum butterfly beads with gold tracings and accents of faceted plum color pearls. Plum is shaping up to a hot color for that transition time between the heat of summer and the coolness of fall!
Dimensions: 1 1/4" long
MJ075 Price: $8.00

Amethyst Romance Earrings
"Amethyst Romance" Earrings

"Tea is served." Can't you hear the butler solemnly intoning those words as you wear these chic and romantic earrings, reminiscent of a by gone era. Amethyst flower beads accented with crystals hang above a graceful silver plated rose in full bloom with the same crystal accents. The earrings shown are lever backs, but can be converted to french wires or clips for your convenience.
Dimensions: 2 1/4" long
MJ076 Price: $15.00

Everything Coming Up Roses Earrings
"Everything Coming Up Roses" Earrings

Quite literally these earrings are coming up roses. The beads are hand made by a glass artisan and feature diachronic glass tubes that have pink roses and trailing vines applied to them. The effect is just beautiful! The roses are very three dimensional and stand out against the background of AB glass. Small pink and green crystals complement the colors in the beads. If you admire incredible craftsmanship, do not pass these up!
Dimensions: just over 1" long
MJ079 Price: $22.00

 Dewdrop Earrings
"Dewdrop" Earrings

These earrings are so sweet and delicate, dewdrop was the perfect name for them. They feature pale blue Czech glass beads with pink flowers in them and pink flower dangle beads. It's a festival of flowers! The colors are beautiful, soft and delicate!
Dimensions: 1 1/2" long
MJ081 Price: $9.00

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