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Pale Blue Pell Fruit Salad Molded Glass Pin and Earrings Set Pale Blue Pell Fruit Salad Molded Glass Pin and Earrings Set.

This set is just so pretty! I love the very delicate pale blue color of it. It is super pale,almost white. The blue rhinestone accents are a very pretty pale blue that set the fruit salad stones off wonderfully. Pale blue is one of those timeless classic colors that looks great with just about everything,especially black. Pale blue and black is just a fantastic color combo. It's cool and elegant,just like this set is. This set can be worn all year round. If you collect fruit salad stones, then this piece is for you! There is some very slight darkening under some stones that only can be seen at just the right angle. This kind of darkening is common with these stones due to the glue that was used. One stone has a very tiny chip on the edge as well,but it is very small and cannot be seen easily at all.
Dimensions: Pin: 2",
Earrings: 1"
SS012 Price: $78.00

Smashing Warner AB Rhinestone Pin and Earring Set

Warner is not a name that comes up a lot. They made some really nice pieces of CJ. This set is one of them. The pin has a huge, and I mean huge, AB rhinestone surrounded by 3 rows of smaller AB rhinestones. The AB has a yellow cast to it. Please note the huge stone is darker than the ones in the earrings, but it is lighter than it shows in the scan. There may be damage to the foil on the larger stone, but because of the way light bounces off the facets it is difficult to tell. This is a lovely set and is perfect for brightening up any outfit!
Dimensions: Pin- 1 1/2"
Earrings- 1"
SS017 Price: $38.00

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