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Coro Purple Pearlized Cab and Rhinestone Earrings

Isn't this a pretty shade of purple? It is the color of Spring lilacs. The sparkling clear RS provide the perfect accent. These earrings are light weight and will keep you cool this Summer.
Dimensions: 1 1/4"
SE015 Price: $12.00

Pretty Topaz Continental Earrings

Continental is a Canadian jewelry manufacturer. They are not as well know as Sherman. These earrings are very pretty and delicate. The stones have a lovely sparkle. The leaf design is always in style. They look great with khaki!
Dimensions: 1"
SE017 Price: $10.00

Lisner Ribbed Blue Leaf Earrings Lisner Ribbed Blue Leaf Earrings

These earrings feature Lisner blue glass ribbed leaves. These lovely leaves are pale blue in color and have an AB finish to them. They are accented with matching AB rhinestones. They are very pretty and well designed. The silvertone metal is in very good condition.
Dimensions: 3/4"
SE026 Price: $15.00

Lisner Grey and Clear Fruit Salad Flower Earrings Lisner Grey and Clear Fruit Salad Flower Earrings

These great earrings are by Lisner. They feature molded glass flowers in a translucent plastic. This material is sometimes referred to as "fruit salad". The flowers are made of the same material as the famous Lisner leaf pieces. These earrings each feature one flower in a grey color with a tiny hint of brown, and a clear(that has very slightly yellowed). Clear rhinestones finish off the design. The metal is silvertone, which works well with the grey and clear flowers. These earrings are signed Lisner on the back on the ear clip. These are vintage earrings, but they are in very good condition with only a slight yellowing on the clear flower. All stones are intact and sparkling, and the metal is in good shiny condition.
Dimensions: just under 1 1/2" long
SE028 Price: $28.00

Continental Olivine Green Rhinestone Earrings Continental Olivine Green Rhinestone Earrings

These smashing Continental earrings feature dazzling olivine green rhinestones. The stones are primarily navettes. They have the stylish clear rhinestone swirl tracing pattern(made popular by Eisenberg and Weiss), and two pale peachy/pink AB rhinestone for contrast. The colors are superb, and the design beautiful. These earrings are in excellent condition with all stones intact and sparkling, and the silvertoned metal finish gleams.
Dimensions: 1"
SE029 Price: $28.00

Weiss Blue Rivoli Rhinestone Earrings Weiss Blue Rivoli Rhinestone Earrings

These earrings are Weiss blue rivoli rhinestones. They were converted from clip-ons to pierced by me. I simple changed the ear-clip to a french wire ear hook. The dangles themselves are each marked Weiss, so they are Weiss earrings. The blue rivolis flash with amazing colors: cobalt, aqua, green, violet, and cerulean. These will coordinate with any blue rivoli pieces that you may have. The metal is silvertone. The earrings are in excellent condition and the rivolis are in excellent sparking shape.
Dimensions: 1/2" long
SE030 Price: $18.00

Vintage Tara Clear Rhinestone Starburst Earrings Vintage Tara Clear Rhinestone Starburst Earrings

Want to burst out of your shell? These earrings might just be the thing to get you noticed. Two gold starbursts, one larger and one smaller surround a dazzling clear rhinestone center. Talk about snazzy! The gold has a nice patina, which gives it a rich mellow color. The stones show some very minor clouding. These earrings are signed Tara on each one. The ear-clips are in good working condition.
Dimensions: 1 1/4"
SE031 Price: $17.00

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